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Advanced features and data for the ultimate engagement

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Dive Employee's welfare portal on Dive webapp optimized for mobile
Dive Employee's welfare portal on Dive webapp on computer

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Dive Employee discount program - Dive Perk

Dive Perk

Exclusive Perks & Discounts for your Employees

Looking to boost morale, improve retention and provide more benefits for your employees? Elevate your benefits package with Singapore's widest employee discount program, Dive Perk  



We are solving the 

Dive Perk helps both your company and employees to save more money on purchases all year round 

Employee perks are a great way to motivate your workforce and show that you care


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Employee Discount Program

Personalization by nearby

map feature (WFH/office)

One digital hub that houses

all benefits 

*Branded for your company 

 & configurable homepage

Across all devices & mobile friendly

Dive Perk is an engagement platform and similar to any content, there will not be desired visits without active promotions from the company. Hence, the most engaged companies are usually the ones who are more forthcoming in the communication of the perks with the employees.

How do I ensure that my employees are using Dive Perk?

There are 2 online redemption methods: Promo code and direct link. Promotions are auto-applied and must be clicked via the button to display the discounts correctly.


There are 3 offline redemption methods: Respective app/payment, flash post and QR code.

What are the redemption methods?

Offers on Dive Perk are exclusive to employees and are not available to the general public. These offers also include business category perks that are tailored towards companies.

How is this different from the offers on Dive Deals?

Simply fill in the form to send your request and we will get in touch with you shortly.

How do I get started on the Employee Discount Program?