Simplest rewards program for local businesses

Get a 2X increase in return rates and a 30% increase in revenue with digital reward cards.

14-days free trial. No credit card required.
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Multiple Card Types

Our simple card builder has many card types to choose from stamps, cashback, reward, discount, coupon, membership, multipass to gift card.

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All cards are fully customisable (logo, colours, icons, text, etc)
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Scan customer cards with free Scanner App

Once you've created a business account, you'll receive a link to install the free card scanner app. Simply share the app to every salesperson in your business and monitor shared statistics

Send push notifications to increase customer retention

Totally free & unlimited


Automatic PUSH notifications with the transaction information come instantly at the time of sale. The message informs the client about their current loyalty and reward status.


Notifications can be sent manually like SMS. Send PUSH messages to your entire customer base or a selected group.


Automatically send PUSH to all clients with your loyalty card within 100 meter of your business location.

Quality control

Automatic PUSH comes 1 hour after purchase. Client is invited to leave feedback on the service quality.


Automatic PUSH comes 28 days after the last purchase. Reminds client to come back to you again. Reminder time is configurable.

Create your way

The PUSH designer allows you to create your own script for sending automatic PUSHs. The number of messages and scenarios is not limited.


Pick the pricing that fits for you


S$139 /monthly

Perfect for single location

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  • 1 active promotion 
  • 1 geo-push location 
  • No managers 
  • ∞ digital cards 
  • ∞ push-notifications


S$199 /monthly

Suitable for a growing business with several points of sale

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  • 3 active promotion 
  • 3 geo-push locations 
  • 10 managers 
  • ∞ digital cards 
  • ∞ push-notifications


S$259 /monthly

For advanced businesses that intend to become market leaders

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  • 10 active promotions
  • 10 geo-push locations 
  • 50 managers 
  • ∞ digital cards 
  • ∞ push-notifications

Automate your workflow

Integrate with 5,000+ apps, infinite possibilities

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Start for free — upgrade anytime.

14-days free trial. No credit card required.


Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions.

What is the role of manager in Dive Loyalty?

If you have several points of sale and a number of salespeople or cashiers, then this feature is for you. Separate accounting for each manager and point of sale. Reward the most effective managers within the company!

How do the 10 geo-push locations work?

Locations are needed only for sending geo-push notifications, and you can only set up 10 locations per campaign. Locations can be changed at any time.

What is the limit of customers in database?


What if I have more than 10 locations to setup for geo-push notifications?

Speak to us :)