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Are you ready to enhance your brand awareness and reach a growing community of enthusiastic shoppers? Partner with Dive to connect with our extensive network of deal lovers and upscale your business growth.

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Dive Loyalty

Transform customer loyalty with Dive Loyalty. Experience a 2X increase in return rates and a 30% boost in revenue using our digital rewards cards, available across all Southeast Asian countries.

  • Push Notifications: Keep your customers coming back with timely reminders and offers.
  • Hassle-Free Scanning: No additional hardware needed; simply scan customer cards with any smartphone.
  • Proximity Engagement: Automatically send push notifications to customers within 100 meters of your business.

Dive Deals

With over 410,000 active users on our webapp, Dive Deals offers an unparalleled platform to convert casual browsers into loyal customers.

  • Targeted Reach: Use our social media platforms and messaging channel to reach shoppers in shopping mindset.
  • Localized Visibility: Appear within a 1.5km radius of your customers, increasing the likelihood of store visits.
  • Customizable Brand Pages: Create a mini mobile site on our platform that captivates and engages shoppers with concise, effective content.
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Dive Perk

We streamline your delivery of exclusive corporate benefits with a secure, real-time validation system. Ensure your offers reach only currently employed and eligible corporate staff, preventing misuse and enhancing trust.

  • Firewall Bypass and Newsletter: Increase brand recognition through direct features in company newsletters and on employee engagement websites, bypassing company firewalls.
  • Exclusive Deals: Offer special employee-priced deals that encourage repeat business and enhance customer loyalty. Offer special employee-priced deals secured against fraudulent use, boosting repeat business and building genuine customer loyalty.
  • Robust Validation System: Our advanced validation technology confirms employee status in real-time, protecting your offers from misuse and ensuring they reach genuinely eligible corporate employees.

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Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions.

Dive Deals: where and how can I list deals?

You can sign up and account for free and start listing your deals on Dive here.

Dive Loyalty: is this an app to be installed on shopper's mobile phone?

No. Dive Loyalty is a digital cards for Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Dive Deals: is listing free?

Yes it is. Only sponsored posts are of additional charges

 Dive Loyalty: do you offer free trial?

Yes, there is 14-days free trial. No credit card required.