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Revolutionize and Streamlining Marketing Operations

Revolutionizing the way your marketing team operates, making it more efficient, sustainable, and aligned with modern shopper needs. Join us in redefining the future of offers management.

Centralizing Tenant Promotions and Corporate Privileges

Dive Platform is designed to serve as the pivotal point for all your promotional and privilege management needs. By digitizing and centralizing these processes, we help you maximize efficiency, enhance tenant satisfaction, and significantly improve shopper engagement in your mall.

Single Content Update Portal:

Update and manage content across all tenant-merchants through one intuitive portal, drastically reducing administrative overhead.

Reduced Manpower and Costs

Cut down on the manpower and financial resources needed for tasks such as card issuance, logistics, email campaigns, and continuous content updates.


Save on printing and related logistics by transitioning to a fully digital system, reducing your brand/mall’s carbon footprint.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Ensure that corporate privileges are always current and redeemed only by verified individuals, preventing misuse and enhancing compliance.

Innovative Marketing Tools

Leverage cutting-edge digital tools to provide location-based marketing and targeted promotions, enhancing the visibility and attractiveness of tenant offers.

Eco-friendly Practices

Adopt sustainable practices that not only save costs but also appeal to environmentally conscious shoppers and tenants.

A reliable platform for deals and offers for these clients

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Advanced Features Tailored for Malls, Events and Brands

It's all about user experience

Optimized User Experience designed for seamless transactions and browsing on mobile

Working with Dive has been a pleasure.

Their responsiveness and efficiency make them a reliable partner.

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